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Yes, they do!!!

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My bf made me do it a few times.

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What the heck is a glory hole?

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There's one behind your ball sac.

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Do Glory Holes exist?

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Sufficient to say that other than a storage room or messy room, or loo, there are some that have to do with holes cut in the stalls between toilets in men's rooms, in certain bars.

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Of course, most places caren kaye measurements allow same sex to enter into gender specific bathrooms, so you won't find glory holes for women to use, unless it's another seedy establishment, gay club or otherwise.

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There was a hole some punched out with a screw driver between stalls.

As for females a new form bondage nipple rings the Gloryhole took shape during the mid 70tys for females to receive oral sex in the same manner by straddling a barrel shaped compartment, while placing herself over a opening and allowing a male or female to enter the compartment to perform the act.

I'm not sure where you can find one though.

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