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Anal orgasms are real and they're definitely happening all over the place, so it may be time to give it a go.

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If done right, your fingers are able to give her extreme pleasure and make her ready for your penis.

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Another thing that works nicely is lying on the side of the bed, ass propped up on a pillow.

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As you can see an anal orgasm is completely achievable and it could be very pleasurable for her.

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And it really helps if she pushes out against it.

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All the beads might be the same size or they may increase in size to provide stimulation as you insert them and pull them out.

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Now, try the analingus technique called Rose Petals, in which you move your tongue in tiny circular loops, as if you are tracing the sepals the small green leaves at the bottom of a rose, and then move japanese teen crempie tongue in a circle around the rim of the anus this is known as rimming.

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Make sure to lube your anal beads sufficiently before popping them in, and follow these tips to choose the right set of anal beads.

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I don't talk about it with my friends much, because there's a stigma against women who enjoy it.

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