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The pop over anytime rule is also in affect while she is recovering.

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The pop over anytime rule is also in affect while she is recovering.

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But, in today's society there is a fine line between discipline and child abuse.

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Texas Rangers All-star Adrian Beltre is retiring after twenty-one seasons.

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This meant that Jason more than likely would have to settle for the middle seat.

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Kelly Clarkson's controversial comments about spanking daughter have caused strong opinions across social media in the world of parenting.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are planning a ten-million dollar match-play showdown.

March 31, - 2:

She explained that her parents spanked her and she did fine in life, a tapping porn finds nothing wrong with a spanking and always warns her daughter.

With tweens and teens, you lose trust and credibility when you pile on the rules and punishments.

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