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We suggested that Dave and Ellie sail on the Gaia for a few days and test the rig out for themselves.

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The wishbones have been made by a professional brazier and I have finished them to smooth the ends to don't damage the sails.

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In the new marina of Roscoff Bloscon:

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Wing sails were first experimented with in the s by a Dane called Lungstrom, later in the C-class catamarans and in the late s on the Freedom cruising boats by Garry Hoyt.

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I don't know if any of you have ever tried to explain the craftsman need to do things yourself, but I ended up creating this little cartoon

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I am sure your wingsail rig is capable, even in only moderately capable hands of achieving excellent Velocity Made Good vmg to windward.

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Along the beach there was the Finca Argayall center who welcome guests and workshops around the yoga, tantra, healing, dance, etc and each afternoon during one hour we join them for yoga or erotic male nude photo.

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View of the island of Graciosa just at the north of Lanzarote now we need to get an authorisation to anchor:

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Our concern was, how would the resultant, heavier than designed, boat sail?

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At 8h45 we get a wind of N-NE 15kts decreasing 1 hour latter to 10kts allowing to have a very quiet crossing.

Bertrand and Marie-Helene.

As you can see the life was very pleasant and we met a lot of people on other boats or at land.