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Also called " pink eye ," conjunctivitis is inflammation of the clear lining of the surface of the eye, called the conjunctiva.

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Orbital cellulitis can also be caused by bacteria in the form of a sinus infection that invades the area around the bones that make up the eye socket.

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Two years ago, May, I started having a lot of yellow eye discharge and was prescribed Lotemax for a week and it went away.

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Flush out your eyes with some water.

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This causes my eyes to get really red, irritated and sore a lot of the times but nothing seems to help.

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I do suffer from hypertension.

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Now it seems every hour I can take a piece of toilet paper and wipe the inner corner of my eye and produce some reddish discharge.

So I put in a new pair thinking maybe they were just old the new pair have done the same thing.

This pressure will compress and empty the tear sac, flushing the duct below.

If you have photophobia associated with chronic eyelid inflammation, photochromic lenses can help reduce light sensitivity.

One of these disorders is known as eyelid inflammation, or blepharitis.

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Is the gunk feeling due to my allergies or my contacts?

A dirty or torn contact lens can also scratch or injure the eye, leading to epiphora.

A small amount of eye discharge in the morning is typically considered normal, but if your the female orgasm movie discharge changes in frequency, consistency, color, and amount, make an appointment with your eye doctor immediately to undergo an eye examination.