Topless on carnival cruise.

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Our readers reckon it's on par with, if not much worse than, topless sunbathing.

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And, yes, you can bring your dogs, too.

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On boarding, dress to impress, so that the welcoming host will notice you.

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While Americans gaily dispense greenbacks to anyone who so much as opens a door, the British are far more squeamish.

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At one point, topless sunbathing was fairly common on cruise ships, and not just those in Europe.

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Make sure you find out the ship policy when you book.

Sunbathe topless behind the funnel and be polite to your room steward!

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Have fun and enjoy life.

Some ships do have designated areas just for topless sunbathing, usually on the top deck - on Carnival ships, it used to be the area around the funnel.

If you have a balcony with a glass railing then the reflection gives you a perfect view of the adjacent balconies whether you want to see them or not.

Have fun and enjoy life.