Tokyo marui sucks.

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The blowback is a nice and crisp action but I took off the orange flash hider and put it on my recoil guide rod along with two o-rings to short stroke it.

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I have spent hrs over the past few days with multiple techs from evike asgi and amped.

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Plus, since the guns are all quite similar, it is not too hard to upgrade and modify the guns for longer range, better accuracy, and even visual add-ons laser sights, calf sucking my cock, tracer units, type-R stickers, etc.

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I thought this was me using propane so i took everything apart and greased everything.

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SillypancakeOct 6,

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They sound like a sewing machine.

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They don't just rest on their laurels and let their brand name carry them.

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Discussion in ' General Airsoft Discussion ' started by eagleJul 27,

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AverageJoe45 12 years ago that is so small you could put it in a large pocket No mods.

However, TM's are known to be super reliable and have one of or the best plastic bodies ever.

You do the math.

Accurate shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger and I can pull the trigger pretty nightangel asian amateur Stock Hop-up is great Stock Magazines are amazing its light weight for me it may be heavy for some people Loud!

I haven't owned a Tokyo Marui before.

Any idea what your max range is right now after installing that Wii Tech barrel set?

I have a friend who has the M4A1, and he is very happy with it.

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