Thumb extensor tendonitis.

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Surgery to free scar tissue is sometimes helpful in cases of severe motion loss.

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Mallet finger may require splinting for several weeks so that the tendon returns to its previous position and completely heals in place.

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Diagnosing extensor tendonitis usually requires a physical exam and history with a physician.

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This usually restores finger movement immediately, and you can begin gentle range-of-motion exercises within a few days.

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But when locking and pain persist, surgery may be recommended.

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Your orthopaedic surgeon can advise you on the best treatment for your situation.

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About Handcare.

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The skin covering the extensor tendons is very thin, and there is little muscle or fatty tissue to protect them.

The doctor will ask questions about the pain and other symptoms.

The second step is to immobilize the affected finger or thumb, either by taping it to an adjacent finger or by using a splint see the photograph.

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Flexor Tendon Injuries.

Regardless of the treatment, normal use of the hand usually can be resumed once comfort and strength have returned.

If you repeatedly extend the thumb, or repeatedly pinch or twist something with the high quality blowjob video while turning the wrist, you may inflame the tendons and narrow the sheath, limiting the motion of the tendons.

Either way, a vicious cycle develops:

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