This is my disease poem.

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I've been battling this addiction for 17 years now.

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A New Way Recovery Center.

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As a final activity for homeworkstudents will have to write a poem of their own, telling about the way they amandalist com tgp things and present it to the rest.

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Why does the chaos never cease?

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For it feels as if its your only release, from the pain, anger, misery and the emptiness that goes to the core of your being!!!

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I lost my pain management doc after failing a screen when I began taking anything I could to

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Read Complete Poem.

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I'm the monster you won't admit, afraid that now you'll have to commit.

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Allow me to introduce myself

Listening lesson plans with mp3 files also available.

I'm 58 years old and an addict to pain meds for 4 years due to chronic pain in both feet.

They take heart attacks seriously.

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I'm from Alabama and I'm looking for help for my son.