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I tracked it to arousal - I started chugging down the coke - and I knew there was no other way.

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I was still too embarrassed to go to my doctor so I handled it on my own.

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Jane sighed.

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I was adopted into their home when I was about ten, and I was fourteen now.

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I could feel pressure from both my bladder and bowels; it was time.

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I dug into the closet, forking out a bulky diaper for myself.

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The most of them meant this in a good way, while the remaining ones wanted her gone.

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She took one more step…

From then on I knew things were going to be different.

I had only wished she'd put me in diapers.

Are you incontinent - we can get you help - there are special schools!

My mother and father noticed me pissing imminently - they were ashamed - embarrassed - but I didn't care.

Anyone whose been there will understand.

Gears ground against gears; metal shifted, slid sharply and steam huffed and puffed.

The plot had been simple, an unsuspecting babysitter had agreed to babysit for a family and upon arrival, had discovered that the only person living in the house was a twenty nude roller coaster ride old witch named Sabrina.