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At the same time I held his testicles and with both hands yanked down on them as hard as I could.

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Puberty is just awkward.

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I nearly got killed by one of my best friends.

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I tried to chat up a girl online when I was in 8th grade.

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November 16,I was

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Hope they don't notice that boner you're trying to hide with that book.

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What awkward situation from your teenage puberty years still haunts you to this day?

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Riding in my uncle's speedboat at 13 with my cousins and my mom

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This is not a choice, but an attribute.

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I sobbed my eyes out and I begged them to let me go, but Deon just pulled my arm harder, so I did what they wanted me to do.

He made me say it three times, and I will never forget the sound of those words coming out of my mouth.

She knew about it, but my parents didn't.

He got under my feet when I tried to walk away and I tripped over him.

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