Spiritual consequence of sex.

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Why would that be?

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It adds nothing to the discussion and only causes strife.

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The Lord takes this sex stuff so seriously because He takes our bodies so seriously.

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Everything you do as a believer is being done "in church.

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We will also want to renounce this behavior and not allow ourselves to move into lusts that can take us away into sexual sin again.

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He also tells us to flee from sexual immorality because this is a sin against your own body.

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The universe itself is one indivisible matrix of cosmic force and this force is always seeking release or expression through a union of its opposite energies.

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If we connect with another person outside of marriage, then we have also stopped honoring God with our behavior through disobedience.

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Two right people together in love are one thing, but a wrong couple together is most certainly another thing.

So where is that place that souls go during sex?

For one partner to decide to become a celibate for one reason or another and then deny the other a sex release is pure cruelty and is not the path to spirituality.

God's mind on sex is very positive.

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So in the overall sense, marriages are made in heaven.

That which has the power to create also has the power to destroy.

Partners must grow in sex the same as they grow in everything else in life.