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I squirmed and writhed about on my back as she licked my crotch.

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I blushed over my nakedness in front of her, being the first time for her to see me.

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She said, young lady you have about 2 seconds to change that attitude and get busy or I think you know what is going to happen!

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You'll see Trang again on Monday.

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Ja maar klein beetje maar!

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She let me cry for a few minutes then told me that was enough and I needed to dry it up.

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I warned you what would happen.

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Chastity stood up and pressed her hand into her bum.

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I then felt her raise her right hand and knew what was coming….

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I told him my age but Rose said nothing.

Let's hurry.

So your mom gave me a couple of diapers to bring with us and she was going to tell you but I asked her if I could tell you myself.

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When I heard it hit I cursed so in about 2 seconds time I broke 2 major rules and knew instantly I was in big trouble.

There was no need to be rude to the pharmacy clerks.

I could hardly stand but he held my head tight.

Then she slipped her hand down the back of my pajama bottoms and into my diaper with the suppository and told me to lift my bottom up a little and she inserted the suppository well inside of my bottom.

I then turned to look over at Trang who seemed quite used to the ritual of being diapered for bed.