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She shouted that she'd better not find out I'd received it already.

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Mom is so frustrating?

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This is why she shows up at your high-school graduation without permission.

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It was also a way of throwing down the gauntlet:

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What age should you be moved out of your parents house?

And it was just straight laughter on the other end.

Me and my friend saw this movie called Dazed and Confused where they made these paddles puja bhatt image shop class to beat the freshman with, so we asked our wood shop teacher if we could do it too, and he said ok.

I wasn't able to work up any immediate tears my go-to move any time a physical threat is nearbut I was plenty baby about the whole situation.

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I spank my toddlers, just like my parents did me, but not as a regular form of discipline.

I thought she was the best mom ever once and loved her very much.

But this brings up the larger question—not necessarily about spanking but about codling.

At first glance, you sound like someone who is extremely confused about reality.