She spanked her dad.

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After she had taken her spanking she would feel like a good girl again.

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She was crying hard when he finished, her bottom and thights lined with welts.

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Although most people would have said that Daddy spoiled his girl shamelessly, they would also have to admit that she was very well behaved.

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Tammy's Spanking Ritual:

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Just some light eye shadow and mascara, and pouty pink lips.

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When I posted this writing on alt.

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She pulled on a new pair of panties, pink cotton and threw on a pair of denim shorts and a white tank.

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I also take care to discipline, not just for actions, but also for attitude.

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And sometimes she has to put a clothespin on each nipple.

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Just some light eye shadow and mascara, and pouty pink lips.

At the bottom of the cut there was a "Beware Falling Rock" sign.

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As she waited for Daddy she started to think about how much a spanking for throwing rocks and dirt on the road would hurt.

Daddy is so proud of you Callie!

Seeing none, he continued, "Good for them, I say!

Travis found himself inadvertently thrown into the center of a dispute that began earlier that day, one that hadn't yet been resolved.