Scared my boobs will sag.

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I would imagine binding would make this more likely to happen.

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I hate when people say pregnancy makes your boobs sag not breastfeeding.

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I still use sports bras, loose shirts and the hunch.

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Do you experience any numbness or bruising?

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People should definitely flaunt them.

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The condition even has its own medical name — ptosis — and droopiness can be graded by doctors on a three-stage scale.

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Ever since I grew these damn things, bikini tops have been my worst enemy.

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Unless of course I am pregnant or breastfeeding!

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I didn't breastfeed my first.

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And, as discussed above, coupling weight loss with weight lifting to strengthen the pectoral muscles can also help keep your perk.

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Binding as a younger teen, when your bones are still growing, can lead to very bad stuff.

From a mother who needed IVF, a deeply honest confession:

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No matter what bra cup size you have, you probably struggle to find bathing suits that fit well.