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So it's more of a moral imperative than objective hilarity.

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I also heard that she has to rid her arms of thick, unsightly hair daily.

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Anything wrong with that?

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It's terrifying, really.

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American television is NOT their environment.

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Gotta love the "analysis" in this test

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She dawdles with the punch line, stretches out syllables until they are almost meaningless, slips a bit of ick into a parenthetical aside.

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Silverman is the deconstructionist as comic -- if Derrida had held court, she would have been his jester.

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I hate Stephen Colbert.

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Also, White People like to overanalyze why things are funny, and not just for the fun of it but for serious reasons.

Jews consider themselves a separate race, and have their own set of interesting quirks quite difference from WASPS.

I think her sister is hotter than she is btw.

Oh and, uhm, yah, Jimmy Kimmel?