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For an inu-yokai dog-demonInuYasha is very pig-headed.

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At first, I debated commenting on this, since it's so old and especially since you haven't replied to any of the recent comments.

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This is very eloquently written and very persuasive.

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Unconditional love.

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The holy woman's whole body is veiled and she communicates through her assistants, Kocho and Asuka.

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InuYasha fights Hosenki for the last shard of the sacred jewel, but Naraku takes it.

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He was nothing like the ferocious monsters that prowled the forests and haunted nightmares; Lord Sesshomaru was collected, self-contained.

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Does his daughter growing up to be hot mean he starts thinking of her like that?

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I love the point you made about Sesshomaru coming to realize that he had been missing that sense of unconditional love that comes from children who view you as their caregiver.

Where romantic relationships involve compromise and demands from both parties, a child asks for nothing.

And if she found any that were especially lovely, she would weave a garland for Sesshomaru.

She really didn't want to explain, what she had seen.

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But he answered anyway.

Let us leave this sadness behind us.

You can find it on YouTube I think in Japonese maybe with subtitles.