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Remembering them brings joy and satisfaction to our continued efforts in presentingthe Universal Tao System.

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He thenlearned Chi Nei Tsang from Dr.

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The goal of the Taoist practice is to create this harmonious and flowing exchange of energy.

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The person who will receive the massage must be lying and down on a sofa or bed.

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The Taoists discovered the secrets of the ring muscles by observing infants andchildren.

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The corresponding points are found by dividing the body into differentzones.

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Sexual energy is de- Liver Eyes ,rived from the best energy of the Small Intestinebody.

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Every time you want to overcome something you yield to its energy andyou use its energy for your own benefit and welfare.

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After 2 hours you take the chickenout and you have the broth.

It represents the sun, fire, passion, and can be a great gateway for strong personalities, extroverted and "calentonas".

Now the brain is connected to all parts of the body for atotal body orgasm.

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So get yourself something small to sit down and make sure you have up to your chest feet of your partner!

You have to keep in mind that you want the person receiving the massage torelax.

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