Post op breast augmentation uneven swelling.

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Anesthesia and medication can cause nausea and vomiting in some patients, and you may lose your appetite for a few days.

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Have you ever reacted to anesthesia in the past?

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I have chills and then my body feels so hot.

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I am very optimistic about the healing process.

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At three weeks post-op it is not unusual to have significant swelling.

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This exercise can be done forward facing and side facing the wall.

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One breast feels soft this has always been the bigger boob and in fact feels like no implant is in there.

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One of my breasts is larger then the other.

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It may be time to schedule a follow-up with your surgeon to make sure everything is okay.

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I have swelling and bruising on both sides.

However, this week I am experiences a few shooting scarp pains in that same left breast.

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I just had a reaugmentation done less than a week ago silicone.

I have concern about my breast ,everytime when I go to bed I fell something wierd and uncomfortable about laura ramsey nude photos whole bodyat night time, my body temperarture are going to high, like Felling have a feverits so hot inside of my body specially my chestI was using ice pack to put it on my back to help releif the heatness of my body.

Some women also report that their breasts feel engorged tender, heavy and inflamed.

Hoping this is all normal!

Did I accidentally do something to my breast if while I was 6 weeks post op I woke up sleeping on my chest accidentally on 3 occasions?