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And yet, as Josie continues to receive old and used clothes, Emma is allowed to throw away her underwear up to three times a day.

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I know.

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Susie looked at Emma.

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And when it comes to holding pee, I'm not a good sport at that.

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Although, she told me at first it felt really nasty, she was glad she could pee without getting out of bed.

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Look how close we got to the potty!

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I wasn't under all that much pressure to pee, so even that wasn't so much fun.

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But this is what I have:

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I just like the sound it makes when I walk.

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But fun nonetheless.

I am sure if Emma died out there the whole town would come to her funeral.

Come to think of it, I'm not sure how I told Nyeesha.

Because they let me, no matter what, be who I am.

None of that pleasure stuff really applies here.

They fit a lot better than Pull-Ups, since they're intended for slightly older children.

She's shocked as all hell, apologizes frantically and retreats.

This was a status she maintains even through the night.

From a previous post, when I messed myself in a taxi A: