Pee pants on purpose.

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The choice he made will echo through time.

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I had peed in my pants while with some friends and it had been seen by a lot of people.

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By this point, there was no need trying to stop it and I just let it all go.

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I knew he was straight though, but that did not help my situation.

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OK, that is what was racing through my mind after it happened.

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I had full on pissed my pants out of fear and holding too long in front of 12 other ice cream on pussy and one of them being the guy that held my heart as my best friend and the guy that I wished would be my first sexual partner.

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Was he still the same guy?

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I had a public accident that was being witnessed by almost a hundred or so people.

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It just felt so great.

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How could I leave all of this to go stand in line for a bathroom break at a port-a-toilet?

He never once made a joke at my expense.

It was so great.

He continued to sit there and have a few drinks.

No, stop!

I then release the pee full on.

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I noticed one of the guys staring at my crotch very intensely.

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