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Peppermint oil may be known for its skin care benefits, but it's also good for your hair and scalp.

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When genital-on-genital action is happening, pubic hair serves as a cushion to prevent chafing.

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We have an appointment with the doctor in July, so I can ask about it then and post what she says.

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You guessed it:

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We'll tell you how to make your own hair mask….

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What makes a carb good and what makes it bad?

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Though, some people decide to remove their pubic hair by shaving or waxing.

Hair anatomy.

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Cause if so then it's not pubic hair.

In women, this hormonal imbalance can also trigger an increase of vellus hairs on their face and body.

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I took this bit of advice with a grain of salt, still not understanding the purpose of getting rid of your pubic hair.