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But he said sex was better when it did not involve a financial transaction.

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Referring to herself and the other street prostitutes, Alia says:

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He charged an entry fee which included all you could drink beer, alcohol and snacks.

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It was like a scene out of "Cinderella.

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As soon as I tell them I'm just writing a story, they take out their phones, start eating pizza, and pluck stray hairs from their bikini lines—the same things they would have done if I'd told them I was gay, I guess.

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There are more red lights inside the King George than all the junctions in Germany.

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With cherry-picked sensationalist trafficking stories, inflated guestimates, and citations out of context, it is catering to religious and feminist prohibitionist ideology - but is far from representing the existing body of facts and evidence.

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It was too late for him to see women as sentient beings.

The hookers accept that the same as cash.

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