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They have a weekly schedule of classes that focus on Asanas, partner yoga, Pranayama, meditation, and mantras.

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Yoga and Pilates classes in New York City and Boston to promote body-positivity and offer participants a unique experience of freedom.

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They aim to provide a judgment-free zone and welcome men of all fitness levels and experience.

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A Word About Topfree Yoga I have sweated through many a yoga class in a small, overheated room where men are free to go shirtless, but women have to wear tops.

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What style of yoga are you practicing and for how long?

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To sign up for any class, you typically need to fill out a first-time registration form indicating your fitness level and experience with yoga.

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If the dude in front of you is rocking Downward Facing Dog, then so are you, and so is the person behind you.

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In some of the classes, they use little battery-powered candles for lighting as the sun goes down, and this nicely adds to the relaxing atmosphere.

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She might still occasionally organizes other events and gatherings so check out her website at http:

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Then they expanded that to co-ed classes, as well as male-only and female-only classes.

You live in New York because you love a challenge.

What style of yoga are you practicing and for how long?

In addition to classes, they also organize weekend yoga retreats in upstate NY.