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This younger hero was controversially introduced as the player character of the game, and, like Snake in the previous game, has a moment where he finds himself entirely sans equipment.

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Some of them through dialogue and romance, and some through more questionable means.

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I've got an Xbox One,and while it's a great system, and I can download games on demand, I like discs.

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In one of the most openly revealing video game sex scenes on the list, the player sees all during the rather confronting moment with the characters as they got it on.

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Stop patronizing gamers with fake 'adult content'.

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As for my thoughts on nudity, it depends really.

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Even if their faces do look somewhat stuck on bored.

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As long as it's used for effect, and it isn't naked females, I'm good.

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If it's a good game then yes we would buy it with or without the nudity but is the nudity necessary in gaming?

This means two things.

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Rockstar skirt the issue by framing the scene so that no nakedness is seen, before ending the conversation with a lingering, full on, view of our host.

We need more intellectual sci-fi games like Prey.

Now there are some games dev's that are pushing sex such as Rockstar for one.

What xbox games have nudity?