Newborn spitting up through nose choking.

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She had a touch ehra madrigal nude pic reflux but I figured out what was causing the spit up to come out her nose was her trying to swallow it instead of letting it come out of her mouth.

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This condition is persistent and the spitting up becomes progressively worse.

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And yes hes a month old

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Very soon, he will be able to keep his food down and he will be a healthy child.

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With reflux you get used to this and so does baby.

Your pediatrician can help you determine if she is developing on schedule or if intervention is needed.

If he's sleeping in a crib you can elevate the mattress by placing something underneath.

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You should monitor her growth and weight gain as well as developmental milestones.

Overfeeding may cause increased spitting up as the digestive system, and stomach muscles are all developing.

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This occurse about once a day or everyother day.