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A few students danced, with less body contact than normal, and the men seemed more self-conscious than the women.

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Held late in the evening, the parties are usually a last stop after an evening of social revelry.

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Last year, a Fox News reporter bought a ticket to the party online; in the footage from the story, individual faces of students were clearly visible.

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They start with their boots, untying their laces.

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But the Yale administration seems to stay away from the parties, as long as they are "safe.

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Male naked party attendees also noticed the positive effects naked parties have on their female friends.

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The newly nude attendees hurry down the hallway to join the naked milieu.

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Bush, wrote his first ever cartoon for the Yale Daily News about allegations that the president's fraternity made incoming members bare their backsides to be branded by a coat hanger.

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Here are the top five weirdest naked college traditions.

Many of us imagine it as an alien atmosphere.

Most parties at Yale begin with a cryptic invitation, like this one recently sent to a Yale student:.

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Others leave with the satisfaction of having seen others naked.

When Yale's Clark-Barol lost her clothes in a naked party clothes check, she had a "panic attack" until her friends came to the rescue, lending her a few articles of clothing before forty year old nude woman her back to her room.

It's not a pretty sight.

She added that friends have told her their body images have improved after attending a naked party.