My truck radio reception sucks.

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The radio itself would be the last place to look IMO.

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Here are the basic steps you can follow to check out your antenna:

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Some times it can rust and brake or if you had the fender replaced from a crash the body shops forget to put the wire back on

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Unfortunately, they also tend to not work quite as well as old fashioned whip and mast antennas.

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Thanks though.

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If the attendant on the other side forgets to pull it back out, you may well drive away spic and span but completely unable to tune in to your favorite radio station.

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If you are able to, check the connection between the antenna and the antenna cable.

The biggest problem with listening to the birch bare bottom in your car is that weak signal strength and both natural and man-made obstructions account for most instances of bad reception.

I know a little bit about radio waves, frequencies, and how long antennas need to be.

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