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For hundreds of thousands of school children in the US, violence inflicted by those in authority is a regular part of their experience at school.

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First, in some districts, all parents must sign a "yes or no" form, specifying whether or not their child can receive corporal punishment.

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As of October 2,corporal punishment is still legal in private schools in every U.

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The sheriff's department sent the case to the district attorney, who ultimately declined to pursue the case.

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In many districts, students are given a choice of corporal punishment or another punitive form of discipline.

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One high-poverty elementary school in Chicago, for example, was able to drastically reduce its suspension rate and increase its attendance and reading achievements after incorporating positive discipline.

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Wise "Corporal Punishment in American Education:

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Corporal punishments can be administered against the will of the parents, and in some areas it's impossible to find a school district that doesn't apply corporal punishments.

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It was used as a way to degrade, embarrass students.

For instance, the United States considers itself bound by the right to freedom from cruel, inhuman, doug christie wife choking degrading treatment only to the extent that cruel and unusual punishment is prohibited by the US Constitution.

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Not only is corporal punishment abusive, it is ineffective.

A former president of the Dallas School Board emphasized that this was one reason for that district's decision to prohibit corporal punishment: