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Sasorina is not pleased at the sight.

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He is last seen resting comfortably between a pair of breasts several times his own size NSFW.

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You may also choose to take your own measurements, but it is best to do this while standing upright in front of a mirror.

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While under the influence of a body swap spellGray switches places with Lucy, whereupon his first action is to lose his balance, nearly falling face-first into a table.

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Olga Lawina, a regular character in the Dutch comic Agent a parody of James Bond is quite literally the embodiment of this trope.

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Nowadays, a lot of women choose not to wear a bra at home and in public.

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Honor Harrington:

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Nodoka of Sakiwhose absolutely huge bust size makes her the target of many breast-related jokes.

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Usually, the right breast is slightly smaller than the left breast.

Then you do not need to worry about back and neck pain due to the weight of your bust.

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When buying, you should consider that the intended support of the bra is 80 percent dependent on the bodybuilder cock ring brace and not on the wearer of the bra, as is often mistakenly suspected.

The adjacent sizes to the left one size down and right one size up of your real bra size are your sister sizes.

Selma Blair as Caprice, known professionally as Ursula Udders.