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She suddenly seemed stern and I had a sinking feeling.

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She had a lesson with Mrs Johnson after lunch:

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Matron was like an Aunt; she took me under her wing and showed me the ropes.

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Centered around the sixties of course, before every country went to the dogs and stayed there, if I may say so!

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Matron was still lecturing, but try as I might, I could not pay attention.

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I trust that you will assist me again whenever it is necessary?

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Each rolled up their shirt a few inches so skin could be seen between the top of their underwear and the shirt.

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I would think very hard about what you tell me.

Her bottom had already been red but the handprint from my spank stood out starkly.

Ignoring her friends, she fled back to the Dorm, hoping noone observed where she was heading.

Her sobs, muffled into the pillow, broke the silence.

She glanced at her watch:

He shouted at me and made me stand for the rest of the lesson and told me that all pupils stand when a teacher enters the room.