Male chastity orgasm denial.

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Once you have done this form of stimulation — the male will then have no choice but to wait until the supply is replenished for a proper orgasm.

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Love, when involved with sex, is about finding what makes your partner happy, learning about their body and what turns them on and what special little kinks naina dhariwal boob they may or may not have.

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The loving part is pretty easy.

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This means that you can actively control the power on the device and find the perfect setting that precisely fits the needs that you are after.

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He might be locked back into the cage and denied the ability to orgasm leading him incredibly sexually frustrated and howling for more.

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You need to be fully aware of your subs reactions, and looking for the different signs that indicate when he is approaching that pivotal point of no return.

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Testicular stimulation can also be applied in this method whilst wearing a chastity cage as well.

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What we will be exploring is the prominence of ruined orgasms.

This is a favourite among some circles, but time consuming, requires patience and an understanding of your sub.

Long term orgasm denial is much better than short term denial and give better results.

One week later I was locked in a CB and then a custom device.

Please note that the same health risks apply to this method as it does with cock plugging.

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