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Allowing a teen to act out their babying needs is the most sensible approach.

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If he is a teen baby it may or may not be.

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Even with medication and extensive therapy most young infanmtilists will hang onto their feelings.

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I lost two and a half fingers on my right hand in an accident when I was

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I remember stealing panty hose when I was 14 - I've never told anyone about this - and I enjoyed some exciting moments looking in a mirror while wearing them.

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I have designed this section of the website to help you the parent understand your teen and this subject better.

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Your 15 year old may be hiding diapers in his closet.

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Your 15 year old may be hiding diapers in his closet.

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If he is a diaper lover yes.

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All we can do is make the best of what we have or what we have left.

You will know if he wants to lose this desire.

This is his private matter.

These sites are very helpful to your child.

Diaper affection is a sexual paraphilia.

Parent Is Seriously Stumped Is your stepson a diaper perv?

A fetish is the sexual attraction to an object or part of the body which is not sexual by nature.

Who do I turn to for help?

OK I see it but I will pretend I don't.