Lord of the rings slash fanfiction.

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Sequel coming relatively soon!

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Acts of Love by Jen Lynn Rated:

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Boromir discovers that Aragorn is having an affair with Legolas.

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We've got some very good Dorwinion wine, and semi-willing elves ready to tell their stories after a glass or two.

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Teenage Audience [ Reviews - 0 ] Summary:

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Legolas is lustful in Lothlorien.

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Breath of Life by surreysmum Rated:

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Also, I will be adding tags as I go along.

January 01, Updated:

Galadriel casts a spell on him to sleep unnoticed forever.

One dark night, Legolas and Aragorn ponder on themselves and each other.

As Time Ends by Marina Rated:

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After being enslaved for six hundred years Legolas escapes his masters and finds his way to Gondor and eventually into Aragorn's arms.

It seems that Aragorn and Legolas were not always the friends they were.