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The singer cuddles the white feline with raccoon eyes after debuting the kitten in ME!

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Lana Wood, former Bond girl and sister of Natalie Wood, now homeless:

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Kindhearted - or just plain creepy?

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Her first marriage was with Jack Wrather Jr in which was annulled when she was 16 years of age.

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Nat was the person I loved most dearly in the world.

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But he was deeply attracted to the actress; his biographer Kitty Kelley wrote that Gardner was the only woman he respected because he knew he could not dominate her.

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As if he was even thinking about that!

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She worshipped Nat, I was the forgotten daughter,' said Lana.

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Back then, she was still pressuring Natalie's husband, Robert Wagner, for answers about her sister's mysterious drowning death.

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In some respects, her own life seems more outlandish than anything a Bond plot could offer, but her most recent struggles have been all too ordinary.

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