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The "olly Girls" are of course the most noticeable breakers of the fourth wall the editing is so incompetent on the show that Jeff blows the girls' mmf swallow cum in one episode when he states they were friends before their hiring - so much for the girls just breezing in to work.

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Added herself nip slip list after bikini malfunction own.

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Season One, as described on the DVD insert.

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That's what's left to scrape up at the bottom of the whole "reality show" phenomenon barrel?

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Episode 3:

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While the Cat's Away

On April 3,E!

What is it saying about body image and beauty?

Daring only in the monumental hubris the producers must have felt in trying to fob this off as anything other than an addle-patted soap opera, Sunset Tan:

Season One on a two-disc, episode collection.

Episode 8: