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Plotz includes a discussion of slash fiction and also offers an insightful commentary on abbey cum fiesta legal challenges fanfic faces and how it, in turn, is challenging the forces that have commercialized popular culture.

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Slowly she nodded.

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The summer in the Tendara colony by hello33willoTheWisp Fandoms:

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Her fingers trailed down over smooth stomach and warm metal to play in the curls at the juncture of her thighs.

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It was a gloriously sensual smile that made the older woman want to climb onto her lap and finish what they had started, everything else naked natasha henstridge damned.

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I know at times we disagreed about things, but that is to be expected in a close relationship.

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I'll keep you informed.

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PG Multi-fandom crossover - Even femslash couples need to see the shrink sometime

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It was more than her already ravaged sensibilities could handle.

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No Borg implants were mangled during the writing of this story however I will have to give Seven a complete physical to ensure that she is in good health.

The Captain felt her heart rate increase as the younger woman's fingers brushed over her now bare arms.

This didn't begin as a story.

StargateSubtext -- A club to discuss the subtext between the characters of SG

When you whispered 'I'm here with you.

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She was sweating.