Insertion vaginal opening.

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The mons pubis, or mons veneris, is the slight elevation above the pubic bone.

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Vulvodynia is a catchall term describing chronic vulvar pain that has no identifiable cause.

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Being able to identify the curve of your pubic bone from within the vagina is super important for proper placement of a menstrual cup, as your menstrual cup needs to be positioned just beyond the pubic bone.

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The case was then referred to the local CAC for further evaluation of sexual abuse.

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Fleisher GR, Ludwig S, editors.

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Your clitoris is the only part of your body that is made entirely for your sexual pleasure.

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The evaluation of sexual abuse in children.

If the applicator is reusable, wash it with some gentle soap and warm water.

How to stop or speed up your period Are blood clots normal during a period?

Semen also travels through the cervix to enter the uterus.

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