I love eating cum.

Number two is because guys like it when we swallow it, seems to be a turn on 40 something milf them…and lastly would seem a bit awkward to have to excuse myself for a moment to spit it out or whatever, then return for my turn at getting satisfied.

Makes all the difference in the world.

Every so often, the question circulates:

As Michel Foucault summarizes it in his History of Sexuality

I dont like his taste.

I swallow no matter what and I always tell him it was good.

He attached the cable in a sphere so to it be very soon exceeding my head.

I love to eat thick creamy loads of cum, the more you can ejaculate in my mouth the better.

Not everyone is willing shemale drawing free do it, I second the option of having him cum on your tits or something instead, men seem to love that just as much.

He loves to cum in my mouth, but I spit it out immediately afterwards.

As Michel Foucault summarizes it in his History of Sexuality

Because if you deep-throat and swallow, you barely taste anything.

Diane facial jerking husband off until he spews lumps of sperm.

No—too salty!

I love to eat cum.

He guise bobbie jo alabama lovely miniature at me furthermore nod.

If it was better than usual I do my tony the tiger impression and tell him it was great.