How to ejaculate more naturally.

You might not really like this suggestion but abstaining yourself from having sex for a few days can actually be a big help in increasing your semen volume.

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Try horny goat weed.

Avoid Smoking.

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This can change depending on arousal, diet, time before previous ejaculation and varies from person to person.

Your body can produce only a limited amount of semen in a day and if you want to ejaculate more semen, you must give it enough time to build up its semen reserve.

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That's because alcohol dehydrates your body, leaving it less like a slip'n'slide and more like a deserted water park.

L-Lysine Not quite!

Someone who ejaculates half a teaspoon may feel very masculine, and someone who ejaculates a lot more may not feel masculine at all.

Stop smoking, if you haven't already.

Drinking plenty of water is important to boost your semen volume.

The relationship between volume and density is one area where there has been a lot of very good scientific research, conducted mostly in the context of fertility.

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