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Yitzhak Arad.

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Ninety Jews were killed, synagogues were burned and most Jewish shops had their windows smashed.

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Of the 1, prisoners, only 12 managed to escape.

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To this day I firmly believe Germany got off way to easy.

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So this woman Kapo a prisoner overseer took a stick and beat her about the face.

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Hair taken from the corpses of gassed women.

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Prisoners at the electric fence of Dachau concentration camp cheer American soldiers in Dachau, Germany in an undated photo.

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It means the world to us.

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They were also kept in isolation; most never interacted with other prisoners at the camp aside from other members of the unit and those who were about to be murdered.

Dear Terry, yes, it's so difficult to read and learn about what happened in Auschwitz.

First Army, identifies a former camp guard who brutally beat prisoners on April 14, vintage mcintosh stereo, at the Buchenwald concentration camp in Thuringia, Germany.

Allied Declaration on Persecution of the Jews.

Dear Kana, thank you for your comment.

April [Photo Credit:

Prisoners on a death march from Dachau move towards the south along the Noerdliche Muenchner Street in Gruenwald, Germany, on April 29,