Guardianship of a minor virgin islands.

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You should consult with and seek representation from private counsel.

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These individuals have the right to contact you; however, you also have the right not to speak with them.

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In the Virgin Islands a non-custodial father may also apply for services provided that he is not contesting paternity.

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Delinquency Status offenses Abuse and neglect Termination of parental rights Guardianships Detention.

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Court Calendars.

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Do I have to pay again if I close and reopen my case?

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How do I file a complaint?

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What is restitution?

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Traffic Division.

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Juvenile complaints are filed by the Virgin Islands Department of Justice.

How do I file for a divorce?

No, the Bureau of Investigations does not assist with the collection of worthless checks.

The person is further advised that he or she must provide the court with an address where the other person could be located for service.

Family and Civil Mediators.

Department of Justice.

Jury Management.