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If gamers and the media are taking a more critical eye to stuff like this that was previously ignored or accepted, that seems like a good thing.

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That leaves us leg casts fetish a game that literally provides us no good place to stab the game's final boss, no good place to do an action that, of course, should look unpleasant because, hell, it's about killing.

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I get the feeling or at least the hope that the video game industry is at a tipping point where this kind of frat humor is going to finally become unwelcome by game makers.

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That's one more mostly-offscreen sex scene than most games have, but it is just the one.

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The sex is minimized.

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We probably should feel something when we pretend to kill.

Besides God of War never had any interest in portraying Greek mythology accurately.

Exciting to watch, but almost entirely devoid of interactivity.

I wanted him to reclaim his old, deserved glory, the same way I wanted Ali to come through in

The final bit of bad news is that the misogyny that has always lurked in the background of the series steps into the spotlight in Ascension.

What makes me uneasy, what feels—my opinion!

Maybe it's a step into a future when simulated violence against virtual men and women is equally nauseating.