Gmail sucks support.

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A couple of quick tweaks or the addition of a "message settings" button for more admin-type tasks would make it just a bit better.

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You will then compound your madness by labeling this tray with the not-an-icon of an italicized, underlined, bold letter A.

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This is patently untrue.

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My mistake really, should have just assumed Google had cancelled a popular service.

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Actually, we care deeply about customer feedback and several of us on the product team read the threads on the product forums personally, especially when there is vocal feedback.

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That said - I did have to search for a second to figure out how to edit the subject.

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Still seems to work fine -- but I see your point.

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And if you do not monitor your settings which no one doesyou are out of luck.

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I remember when she was learning it was very frustrating both for her and me.

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Mac is the only one with these types of issues because Apple seems to believe that the rest of the world needs to conform to whatever way they decide to do things.

UI changes, no matter how great, are always going to piss off someone.

I have a me.

Really, how often do you edit the subject??

And most of the rest of google works for me with javascript disabled, which is not a trivial thing to maintain.

If you use the URL https:

Having said that, it's definitely worth giving it a try.

Will it work on a tablet?

Apple products have always been designed to work with other Apple products, but that does not make them proprietary in the same sense.