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A few drunks "punked" their friend with the old eel-in-bum-prank when he passed out.

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It was only after he came in two more times that it occurred to me, by the look of pained pleasure on his face, that the anal vaginal lip bumps were only half the fun.

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See more of Gerbils against Richard Gere on Facebook.

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Some say the gerbil was found to have been shaven and declawed; others claim it had been encased in a special plastic pouch.

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He currently writes for Snopes.

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He ended up shitting into a bag for the rest of his life.

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Hey, you rapidly decaying protoplasmic sacks of calcium and shit, my name is Dr Mona Moore.

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The 'squirrle's' skull is a little too humanoid looking.

Dan Savagea sex-advice columnist who frequently discusses unusual sexual practices, stated in that he has never received a first-hand or even a second-hand account of the practice.

Nibbles, scurried across the floor through the lubricant and I fell directly over him.

Unfortunately the eel ate its way through the bowel causing an anal perforation that necessitated surgery and two months of a colostomy bag.

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