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The grandmother takes on the two aliens, giving the child a chance to run away, but he runs back, too concerned about his grandmother to leave her.

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The boss turns on Kei, the others urge him to run.

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Yeah I know, a lot of guys are always horny but that's generalizing and he's just out there with his creepiness.

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Definitely something I won't forget though.

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But wait, a god?

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Ryuji ends up committing suicide after singing the same theme song that Gantz sings, during an attempt to take Kurono with him.

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They'll probably be involved in the next round of Gantz's games.

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God knows.

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Not being able to shoot the alien, Kei drops his gun.

Kurono is such a horny bastard, this episode was hilarious and reminded me why I like Gantz so much.

Hojo realizes too late the girl he is carrying is actually the stalker, he angrily tells her to get off his bike.