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First the pain, then the humiliation that a man would do this to her.

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But the next two times were no better.

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Display cabinets were also spotlighted.

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The fact that they had not even set up a camp site would, alone, prompt Xena into leaving.

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She knew the bard was still heavily in the grip of the herbs and did not realize the effect her caresses had on the warrior.

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A real hot bath," Gabrielle sighed, almost panting with desire.

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Spit it out," she laughed.

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Xena stared at that peaceful face that filled her dreams so many nights and filled her thoughts during the day.

The vein covered lump of flesh revolted her.

Gritting her teeth she knew she would give this her best shot.

Gabrielle hadn't seen his stare and by the time she stood up he was studying his computer screen.

Xena crouched by the tiny fire, stoking it, encouraging its growth with small twigs leading to bigger pieces of wood.

Kates playground strapon well fitting and fashionable clothes showed his slim figure and his new, shorter, tufted hairstyle seemed to make him look younger again.

It burned his tongue but he could never resist it.

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