Full of piss and vinegar origin.

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The earliest match for "piss and vinegar" is from Djuna Barnes, Nightwood

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At medieval markets, unscrupulous traders would display a pig for sale.

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Redskin is a slang term used for American Indians.

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It's most likely that the phrase originated around then, possibly as an adaptation of the existing 'vig and vigour', which means much the same.

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Telling an entire story in a single word.

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Even today phrases like "pot to piss in" and "Full of Piss and Vinegar" are somehow considered to be generally acceptable and only moderately crude.

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During the s vinegar was used to mean vitality and energy and that's the meaning in 'piss and vinegar' and 'pep and vinegar'.

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Having or pursuing multiple opportunities simultaneously.

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From the early days of baseball, a pitcher who "had nothing on the ball" was one who was having a bad outing.

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That is where they're going to end up anyway.

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A niggard; miser:

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Piss and Vinegar unknown.

I am old enough to remember the phrase.