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Fan is the highest paid actress in China, with films and endorsements from luxury brands like DeBeers, Montblanc, and LouisVuitton.

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Almost all of the films she has played have naked shots showing her bumpy body.

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She will not die for a beautiful diet to lose weight, eat high-calorie desserts; use acupuncture conditioning the body; do simple yoga stretch to relax.

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Inshe starred in the movie "irrevocable" nominated for the Cannes Film Festival.

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This year, it was announced that Fen would direct a sequel titled Cell Phone 2.

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Mentioned the European goddess of the sexy, the first pop-up must be her - Monica Bellucci.

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Now over 50 of her, every appearance is elegant, a touch of red lips burning.

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No matter where she was photographed, have not seen the moment of staggering, everywhere full of queens.

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Independent and self-reliant, she can not endure the injustice of women and declare that women should also have their own rights and interests.

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This past May, the actress was seen in Cannes where her involvement in the upcoming spy-thriller was announced.

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After graduating from high school, dreaming of becoming a lawyer, she went to Perugia University to study law while continuing to work on models, earning pocket money and subsidizing marina c anal fees.

It is no meanness that anyone can be a goddess.

The Guardian notes Fan has yet to be accused of a formal crime.

Inherited from a small family beauty of her childhood, in the aesthetic is also deeply influenced by the grandmother and mother.